NewsBrazilian International School (BIS) Triumphs at the British English Olympics!

Brazilian International School (BIS) Triumphs at the British English Olympics!

7 May, 2024

Calling all future global leaders! A group of exceptional students (ages 13-17) from BIS recently achieved remarkable success at the prestigious British English Olympics (BEO) and The Masters competitions held in England. From March 29th to April 8th, they competed fiercely against over 60 schools from 15 countries, showcasing their exceptional English language skills and critical thinking abilities.


Embracing the Challenge of Artificial Intelligence

This year’s BEO centered on the fascinating topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our dedicated 20-member team, comprised of talented students, rose to the challenge with impressive results. They excelled in a variety of categories, including:

  • Improvisation challenge: Teams were presented with a surprise theme and had a limited time to develop a compelling presentation. BIS students demonstrated exceptional problem-solving skills and creativity, ultimately securing first place in this category.
  • A Cappella Contest: Beyond mastering spoken English, our students showcased their musical talents by composing an original song inspired by the theme of “Technology and Humanity.” Their creativity and vocal prowess truly impressed the judges.
  • The Great Debate: Students engaged in a thought-provoking debate on the topic of technological advancement. Taking on diverse roles such as tech experts and even teenagers, they displayed strong critical thinking and persuasive communication skills.
  • Country Spotlight: The competition encouraged a global perspective. BIS students meticulously researched the technological advancements of a designated country and presented a comprehensive profile, demonstrating their in-depth knowledge.
  • AI Investigation: This category delved into the impact of AI on education. Our future innovators conducted a thorough analysis, showcasing their ability to think critically and explore complex issues.
  • Drama Festival: BIS brought the theme of AI to life through a captivating theatrical performance. The production explored the positive and negative aspects of this powerful technology, demonstrating the students’ understanding and artistic expression.
  • Talent Show Time: The competition wasn’t solely focused on academics! Vittorio Taguti’s awe-inspiring drum solo earned him the Ardingly Campus trophy, highlighting the diverse talents nurtured at BIS.

BIS Secures First Place!

The relentless dedication of our students paid off in a big way! BIS secured first place in both the Improvisation and Debate categories, crowning them the overall School Champions at BEO 2024. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the exceptional language skills and intellectual prowess of BIS students.

“We are extremely proud of our team and couldn’t be happier with the results”

The Road to Victory

Earning the title of BEO Champion requires significant commitment. To qualify for the team, BIS students underwent a rigorous selection process that included thematic presentations, interviews in Portuguese and English, and academic evaluations. Following their selection, they embarked on a demanding eight-month training program, refining their skills and building a strong competitive spirit.

BEO: Fostering Future Leaders

The BEO is more than just a competition; it’s a prestigious event that brings together talented students from around the world to hone their English language skills and engage in stimulating intellectual challenges. Over two thrilling weeks, students engaged in challenging activities at some of the most famous boarding schools in the UK. The competition aims to prepare young people to be global leaders and agents of change.

“The team that we took to BEO have done the exceptional job of overcoming their fears with resilience, teamwork while controlling their emotions and reaching for their goals.”

BIS: Where Potential Takes Flight

This impressive victory exemplifies the exceptional caliber of our ISP students. They are not only equipped with strong English language skills, but also develop into confident, creative, curious and globally-minded individuals who are well-prepared to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the future.

For these students, the experience was not only about winning, but also about developing the life competencies and confidence necessary to become future leaders who can make a positive impact on the world.

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