NewsBrazilian International School joins ISP

Brazilian International School joins ISP

15 February, 2024

We are pleased to announce that the Brazilian International School (BIS) has joined ISP.

Founded in 1999, the school educates 644 children from pre-K to 12th grade in São Paulo. BIS is a dual curriculum school with students receiving Brazilian and Cognia diplomas. The school is currently positioned as one of the top schools in São Paulo. The school’s educational philosophy revolves around a high-quality offering, innovation and preparing students to succeed in a globalised world.

Students receive a bilingual education in English and Portuguese starting with full immersion in early years, achieving advanced fluency validated by Cambridge assessments while still including an appreciation of Brazilian culture from both a curriculum and values point of view. Students have ample opportunities to participate in music, sports and international programmes such as the British English Olympics.

We look forward to gaining a deeper understanding of the school to better support them in their mission to remain the top choice school in the local area. We also look forward to sharing Brazilian International School’s valuable experiences and insights with everyone across the whole of ISP.

You can read more about the school on their website:

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