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Hugo Liz de Castro 

Head of Fontenebro International School, Spain

Originally from Portugal, Hugo is the youngest of four siblings, and he was raised with a strong sense of family and community while surrounded by the principles and values that shape his personality and character and making him a person and an educator who stands for core values such as accountability, knowledge, and respect.

He has served as both educator and administrator for schools and colleges over the past 20 years in countries spanning the globe. During this time, Hugo worked towards and led the delivery of consistent, high-quality education – those that have worked with him find Hugo to be a highly principled, open-minded individual with a strong ability to adapt and work well with those of different cultures, religions, and backgrounds.

His strong background and experience in education and sports lead him to be a confident leader, a good listener who displays empathy to build positive relationships and successfully manage the complexities of international communities. Hugo firmly believes that the school only makes sense if it is designed and thought to serve the community where the wellbeing of the students prevails above everything, based on amazing learning where academic experiences are rigorous, relevant and help them build relationships while making real-world connections.

Hugo is passionate about his family, education, the sea, and all sports in general Kitesurfing being number one on the list.

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