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Kam Bhamra

Regional Managing Director – Middle East​


Kam was born, bred and educated in the United Kingdom. At an early age he showed an interest in numbers which continued and developed into a career in Finance.  Post qualification he worked in many diverse industries such as Marsh & McLennan, Atos and British Telecom and covered geographical areas such as Canada, Europe, Africa and Middle East. It was in 2005 Kam joined British Telecom Global Services based in London which lay the foundations and grew his interest in other continents. In 2010 an opportunity arose in United Arab Emirates which led to him moving out to Dubai and starting a new chapter in his career.  After working in several multinationals in the region and with nearly twenty-five years’ experience in Finance behind him, Kam joined International Schools Partnership (ISP) Middle East in 2017.  Already a parent with two boys, education was always an important factor in his family’s life so the passion for this industry continued to grow.  During the eight years Kam realised the depth of values and tradition that the Middle East harboured which in turn increased his appetite to experience other countries and cultures. 

Kam enjoys cinema, walking, spending time with family and travelling to different parts of the world, especially if it means being by the sea!

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