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Kehoe-France Northshore

Kehoe-France Northshore is a family community committed to academic excellence for students from 8 weeks to 7th grade.

Kehoe-France Northshore is a family community committed to academic excellence for students from 8 weeks to 7th grade. The Kehoe-France mission is to give each student a strong academic foundation, promote social skills and physical well-being, and nurture cultural and ethical development in a caring environment. As Kehoe-France is a private non-denominational school, there is the capacity for upgrading education by directly addressing the individual needs of students. 

Located in Covington, Louisiana, Kehoe-France Northshore is situated on twelve acres with a wide variety of indoor and outdoor facilities. The facilities include swimming pools, tennis courts, soccer/football field and state of the art playground equipment. The school attracts an outstanding faculty of men and women who are competent, creative and enthusiastic about learning. The arts are also a big part of the offering at this school, with students encouraged to develop their creativity throughout their academic career. Providing the facilities and opportunities for students to grow beyond the classroom is part of the Kehoe-France mission of educating the whole child.

Kehoe-France Northshore is proud of their commitment to quality education, and are passionate about encouraging children to develop intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially. Children and students attending this school are helped to recognise their capabilities, as well as to ignite their curiosity, self-concept, self-discipline and problem-solving abilities to prepare them for a successful future after their time at the school. It is ultimately a commitment to teamwork and cooperation which is promoted amongst students as well as teachers, which enables children to develop in a safe, nurturing environment at Kehoe-France Northshore.

Head: Brad Humphreys

Ages Taught: 8 weeks – 13 years 

Curricula: American & International

Special Features: 

  • Outdoor Education
  • Visual and Performing Arts
  • Model United Nations
  • STEM and Design Labs
  • Spanish Programme
  • Accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and National Independent and Private School Association (NIPSA)

Kehoe-France Northshore

25 Patricia Drive, Convington, Louisiana 70433, USA

Tel:  (985)-892-4415



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