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La Moderna

La Moderna is a leading private school in Ecuador that seeks to equip children and young people with the knowledge and critical skills needed to be safe, stable and successful citizens.

Founded in 1983, La Moderna is a leading private school in Ecuador that offers a K-12 education and runs the national curriculum for predominantly local families. Their comprehensive bilingual education is implemented via a culture of immersion strategy that ensures all children and young people at the school move forward in life fluent in Spanish and English. The introduction of the International Baccalaureate (IB) also ensures individuals receive a consistently high-quality education through to high school.

As a school, La Moderna seeks to educate and inspire their students in an environment of freedom and responsibility. This combined with an intercultural world view promotes respect, compassion and tolerance, and ensures La Moderna graduates enter a new chapter of life as active participants, competent leaders and agents of social change. Values of environmental awareness are promoted at all educational levels, to encourage students to see themselves as part of the natural world and instil a sense of accountability and caring for the planet they share with their companions.

As part of their Early Education programme, La Moderna offers a safe environment for children to playfully acquire creative skills and abilities. In grades 2 – 7, students will begin developing skills in the basic curriculum in both Spanish and English. In High School, La Moderna offers young people a stimulating, world-class environment to develop their scientific knowledge and enhance their cognitive and critical thinking skills. Upon graduation from La Moderna, young people can expect to be successful, global-minded citizens who promote positive social and environmental values.

Acting Head of School: Paola Maquilon

Ages Taught: 3-18 years 

Curriculum: Ecuadorian

Special Features:

  • Robotics Lab
  • Exchange Programme
  • STEAM focused learning
  • Model United Nations
  • Cambridge Certificate Center
  • Certiport Testing Center

La Moderna


2.5 km vía Samborondón

Tel: + 593 43725220



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