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Marta Martínez

Principal, Colegio Internacional Aravaca

Marta was born in Madrid in Spain. She graduated in Business Sciences from the Universidad Europea de Madrid, where she worked in the Expansion Department when she finished her studies. From the beginning of her professional career, more than 20 years ago, she has always been linked to the education sector. Firstly, as a teacher and later managing different schools, such as the Laude Schools group, being responsible for the management and the organisational processes. She holds a Master’s degree in the Management of Educational Centres and since 2008, the year Colegio Internacional Aravaca was set up, she has been the Principal.

At Colegio Internacional Aravaca she discovered her passion for teaching entrepreneurship skills, including a compulsory entrepreneurship curriculum for students from 10 years of age, which she has been a teacher of for the last five years. The work undertaken by her students has been recognised and awarded at National level, which she is very proud of. Through this experience it led her to be a speaker at various conferences on the topic of ‘Learning entrepreneurship at school’. Marta believes it is incredible to see what students are capable of when you give them freedom and confidence.

Marta is a mother of a large family. She enjoys having all her family and friends at home and, whenever she can, she goes to the countryside for long walks with her dogs and enjoy nature.

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