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Marta Oppenheim

Group People Analytics and Engagement Analyst

Marta grew up in Poland and moved to the United Kingdom in 2011 to start her university education. Marta holds a BSc in Education and Psychology from the University of Southampton and a MSc in Neuroscience from University College London (UCL).

Marta joined the International Schools Partnership (ISP) shortly after her graduation in 2016 as an intern and quickly became a part of ISP. She then worked as a Market Research Analyst for the Business Development team and joined the Finance team as Group Performance Analyst and recently became Group People Analytics and Engagement Analyst. Having experienced the benefits of studying abroad, Marta is a strong believer in the benefits of an international education. She particularly enjoys seeing how schools change and develop after becoming part of the ISP family of schools.

In her spare time Marta enjoys trekking, yoga and cooking.

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