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Tomás Alva Edison School

Tomás Alva Edison School educates over 1800 students aged 3 to 18 years old with the objective of inspiring them to discover and develop their talents.

Founded in 1984, Tomás Alva Edison School (TAE) inspires over 1800 students aged 3 to 18 years old to discover and develop their talents across three school sites in the Colonia del Valle area of South Mexico City. As a Cambridge International School, TAE offers a unique, trilingual education for children via nationally and internationally accredited programmes, and is a leading educational centre in the local area. It is through their enriching programmes that Tomás Alva Edison School develops well-rounded, fulfilled individuals who are capable of transforming their environment with creative and innovative solutions, based on their academic and personal excellence.

Not only do students at TAE learn in a stimulating envionment which furthers their academic success, but they are also encouraged to participate in exciting opportunities which broaden their minds beyond the classroom. This includes taking part in the Model United Nations for which Tomás Alva Edison students are renowned for the concepts they bring to each event, proving their passion to research, learn and problem solve. Personal development is strongly celebrated at TAE, and students get to immerse themselves in many activities which allow them to express themselves and explore different creative paths, including the fine arts, creative writing workshops, robotics, community social services, sports events and music.

Tomás Alva Edison School adapts each student’s learning path to focus on their specific needs and talents, enabling them to reach their full potential. With a High School affiliated to the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, students can also access a wealth of learning resources and facilities including the University’s museums, concert venues and academic events, which all add to the unique TAE experience. Students are encouraged to become independent learners who are not only able to solve classroom problems but who can also face challenges in modern society, and it is this ability for students to be responsible world citizens that truly marks the success of Tomás Alva Edison School.

Ages Taught: 2-18 years

Curriculum: Mexican

Special Features: 

  • Project Based Learning (PBL)
  • Critical thinking and localised learning
  • Trilingual education
  • Strong English Language provision
  • Certified by Universidad Panamericana
  • Social service and sustainable development programmes
  • In-situ learning with lab practices in the Mayan Rivera for Biology
  • Interdisciplinary urban garden developments for every level of the school
  • Variety of additional workshops that include chrorus, creative writing, pre-med training and robotics
  • Trilingual Model United Nations, with over 400 delegates each year

Tomás Alva Edison School

Kindergarten: Heriberto Frías 1407 Colonia Del Valle, Benito Juárez, Ciudad de México, 03100 C.P. 03100
Tel: +(55) 56-04-18-18

Elementary: Manzanas 111, Colonia del Valle, Benito Juárez, Ciudad de México, 03100
Tel: +(55) 55-75-50-93

Middle School: Amores 1213 Colonia del Valle, Benito Juárez, Ciudad de México, 03100
Tel: +(55) 55-75-05-56

High School: Heriberto Frías 1401 Colonia del Valle, Benito Juárez, Ciudad de México, 03100
Tel: +(55) 56-01-82-70


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