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Founded in Geneva in 2004, Ecole Mosaic is a bilingual and multicultural school for children aged 3-12.<br /> It offers learning which is tailored to its pupils' individual needs, small classes and teaching which alternates between French and English. With its focus on multiple intelligences, Mosaic helps its pupils to take responsibility and become independent; and also guides them to work together and develop new learning strategies.<br /> Ecole Mosaic cherishes its multicultural atmosphere. The school welcomes students from all over the world and currently represents over 40 different nationalities and cultural traditions.


Unique Bilingual Programme based on the PER (Plan d’étude romand) with the English National Curriculum

Language of instruction

English, French

Facilities & Services

books: Library chemistry: Laboratory; palette: Arts room; coffee: Cafeteria and dining hall

Special Features

Unique bilingual curriculum, taught by teachers with either French or English as their mother tongue; Approach to bilingualism; Development of multiple intelligences; Focus on drama, taking children out of their comfort zone

Head of School

Jean-François Lopez
Director General, Mosaic
Jean-François joined Mosaic in 2022, bringing with him a deep understanding of bilingualism, which will enable the school to continue developing its pioneering educational program. He is also passionate about multiculturalism and his diverse experience around the world will support the school's mission to broaden the international horizons of its students.<br /> Originally from France, Jean-François was born and raised in Grenoble. He holds a master's degree in educational science from the Université Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC) and has over twenty years' experience in teaching. His career began in the Nord-Isère region where he quickly embraced the values of USEP, the federation for school sport for public, primary school pupils. He transformed the organisation of the town's schools to enable young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods to take part in sport and cultural activities two or three times a week.<br /> Jean-François took up his first international position in 2007 as deputy principal and educational coordinator at the Franco-American school in Rhode Island, USA. Over the next 16 years, he held positions of responsibility at other international schools in the USA, Jeddah and now Switzerland.<br /> As Director General of Mosaic, a bilingual and multicultural school in Geneva, Jean-François passionately believes in the benefits of a bilingual education. His pedagogical approach is based on making every learner a lifelong learner, through the acquisition of soft skills such as: creativity, resilience, self-evaluation and a collaborative approach.<br /> As a former rugby player, Jean-François attends as many international matches as he can in his spare time and is a fervent supporter of the French national team. He is also a black belt in judo and regularly practices this sport and shares his passion with Mosaic’s students.

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Avenue Dumas 23, 1206 Geneva, Switzerland, 46.190706, 6.1569969, 14, ChIJ5Ze-E8l6jEcRIB0ZVD11ko0, 23, Avenue Dumas, Av. Dumas, Genève, Genève, GE, 1206, Suiza, CH
Avenue Dumas 23, 1206 Geneva, Switzerland
+41 22 346 21 69

Facilities & Services

books: Library chemistry: Laboratory; palette: Arts room; coffee: Cafeteria and dining hall