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The ISP Difference

The ISP Difference


GROWING LEARNING GROWING SCHOOLS perfectly embodies the ISP difference; reflecting our journey and what binds us together. We are developing schools for 2-18 year olds with learning at the heart of each school and helping our children and students learn to levels that amaze them. At the same time, we are listening to our parents and students to broaden the appeal of our schools, with the aim of each one becoming the school of choice in its local area over time.

We are currently located in six clusters: Europe, Mexico & Central America, the Middle East, South America, Malaysia and the USA & Canada. We are constantly enhancing our existing group of schools with new ones including those we develop ourselves, and new schools that want to join our partnership.


The International Schools Partnership (ISP) is a young organisation and in four years we have expanded to 50 schools currently spanning 15 countries. In order to succeed and drive our schools to be better versions of themselves we focus on six distinct areas:


Our learning focus

We put learning first. It is the very essence of what we are about and it’s what our students and parents want. We want to help children and students learn to levels that amaze them. If we get the learning right, then we will be a long way down the road to creating schools that are regarded as schools of choice by parents.


Our culture

How we work together counts. We are here to help our schools. We want them to get better. The best people to run our schools are the people in our schools. We call our way of working the ISP Framework. Our main role is as a critical friend and advisor to our schools.  To be successful, 80% of our ideas will come from schools and 20% from ISP. We want a culture where anyone can have a good idea and we listen and act on feedback. We believe strong organisations are built from respect, openness and effective teamwork. ISP works to support schools to be the best they can be and continually get better.
Our Principles help us do that.

Our people

We take time and effort to recruit the very best people we can. We want everyone who works with us to share our passion to help children and students get better. We want all of our employees to be able to work together as a team on behalf of our children and students. Everyone at the ISP, whatever their role, is expected to put the success of our students at the heart of everything we do.


Our approach to our parents
and students

We will always listen to what parents and students want and we will do everything we can to continually get better so that they have the very best experience they can. Simply put, we want to create thriving schools that are the school of choice in their local area.

We build atmospheres in which parents, students and teachers can all discuss what we do in an open way. We want to be respectful to each other, but honest too. We want both students and parents to have the very best experience possible at an ISP school from the first time they look for schools on a search engine, to the first call they have, to the school tour, to the day-to-day conversations and information they receive from school staff. We want parents and students to experience the ‘WOW’ factor of an ISP school and we want them to be amazed by the levels of learning each child will experience.

Our approach to decision-making

Our working culture towards decision-making revolves around being transparent, responsive and focused on three areas – educational benefit, operational execution and cost/benefit in this order.


Our commitment to international learning opportunites for our students

As part of our students’ learning experience it is imperative they have an opportunity to experience learning outside of the classroom and demonstrate real responsibility. We want to give our students the chance to gain valuable experiences with students from other countries in another country. We have begun to provide international learning opportunites to link our students with each other across the world. We have 11 programmes including: the ISP Model United Nations, the ISP Buddy Exchange Programme, the ISP Virtual Buddy Exchange, the ISP Film Festival and the ISP International Summer Camp. Find out more about all of the programmes here.

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