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The Learning Hub

the learning hub

ISP’s vision includes providing amazing learning for both our students, and our people. It’s a journey we are on together as Schools of Choice in our local communities around the world.

From the minute we are born we experience moments of amazing learning – learning that surprises, delights and confounds us. But creating amazing learning experiences across a lifetime cannot be left to chance. ISP schools recognise that fostering amazing learning experiences for students and their families is intentional – and requires the right knowledge, skills and understanding.

Learning continuously is one of our principles at ISP – getting better is what drives us. That’s why we have created The Learning Hub – a unique collaborative digital community where we can learn, develop and get better.

The Learning Hub has been created by us, for us. All of the courses and resources you will find on The Learning Hub have been created in partnership with colleagues across the ISP group and designed to support the specific needs of our colleagues and ultimately students and their families, in each local community. It is the place where we can access and experience a range of professional development opportunities, build relationships and connect colleagues, and harness our collective experience and expertise.

In short, The Learning Hub demonstrates our commitment to getting better so we can keep our promise of amazing learning for our colleagues, students and their families.

This is ISP. This is amazing learning. This is The Learning Hub.

Join us now to start your learning journey…

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