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ISP Changemakers

ISP Changemakers

Life competencies

Self-leadership and interpersonal

Age Range

5 -18


October 2023 – April 2024

Participants per school



Online and in school

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Skillshare and MasterClass


ISP Changemakers, previously known as ISP Futures, gives schools tools and methodologies for the development of projects focused on social impact that will enable communities to take action to address strategic issues that are relevant to their community and the future of it.


2022/23 highlights

Almost 700 students led environmental projects last year under the ISP Futures programme

Global awareness days

We also invite ISP schools organise activities to raise awareness locally around international environmental awareness days, such as Earth Day and World Environment Day. For each event that ISP takes part in there is a mini challenge, such as a litter pick, upcycled art workshop or spending time in nature.

Last year

Last year 445 students from 37 schools ran a student-led environmental project. ISP students used the grants to create school gardens, make podcasts, host eco-fairs and markets, install sensor-taps, beehives, plant trees and much much more.

This programme has made my students more independent. They have understood their roles as responsible citizens towards the importance of preserving the environment and was able to create awareness among other students.

Coordinator, Straits International School Rawang, Malaysia

It's a wonderful project to save the environment with baby steps but with some patience and time those baby steps could become giant steps to save everyone. I absolutely love this type of activities because it's fun and I can save the environment at the same time!

Student, ISP Futures, MILE School, Italy

This programme was extremely helpful in helping me understand more about how our actions can affect our planet. I learnt many ways on how to conserve the environment. Not only that, but this program has helped me learn more about leadership and teamwork.

Student, ISP Futures, Asia Pacific Schools, Malaysia


Being a part of this program has helped me in things i didn't imagine it would, because of ISP, I haven't just learned about the environment and how to be more eco-friendly, but I have also earned new friends, skills to plant, skills to talk in public and even motivated me to come to school.

Student, ITJ Querétaro, Mexico


Learning Outcomes

  • Knowledge: Know more about the different issues and opportunities that influence the well-being of my community.
  • Skills: Be able to apply different frameworks and methodologies to create projects with social impact. Raise awareness and take action on environmental issues amongst ISP staff, students and wider school communities.
  • Understanding: Develop my understanding of my individual actions as well as the collective social impact.
  • Confidence: Grow my confidence in the impact my actions have to create sustainable change in my school community.

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